Rupyber Studios Projects

Projects from Rupyber Studios, of which I'm the developer
Fabric and Quilt 1.19.2

RISC Simulator

A program that simulates the operation of a 16-bit machine
Windows-x64 and Linux-x64

Star Wars Mod

My "Star Wars: Clone Wars" Minecraft Mod
Forge 1.16.5

The Wild Update Mod

A Mod to add the 1.19 features to Minecraft now
Fabric 1.18.1

Pyrix Resourcepack

My official resourcepack, vanilla style + some 3D tweaks and some custom items for the datapack

Christmas Decorations

Christmas resourcepack, credits to Joosh for the textures

More Totems datapack

A datapack (for vanilla Minecraft) that adds more mob totems, they drop from the respective mob and the have custom effects and drops

Password Manager

Password manager gives you the ability to store all your passwords in one safe place. It is portable, for x86_64 cpu architectures, windows and linux. The first time you open it, it will ask you what password you want to use to access it the next times (you can always change it). If someone steals you the Password manager folder, without your password he will not be able to access your data, also because they are double-encrypted with a key that is unique for your installation!

How to use it

Backup Tool

With Backup tool you can create backups of your important folders (even compressed backups) giving them a custom name, and then, if something goes wrong, you can restore your backups (even compressed ones)! With "Presets_tool.exe" you create the preset (Name, source and destination), then opening "Backup_tool.exe" you will see it, give your backup an unique name (very important), choose if compress or not and then clic "Create backup", if something goes wrong just select your backup folder or .zip and restore it!

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